The walk over Besseggen is one of the most popular mountain hikes in Norway. The route over Besseggen starts at Gjendesheim, up to the trails highest point, Veslfjellet (1,743 m), down Besseggen, back to  Memurubu, where one may take the regularly scheduled ferry route back to Gjendesheim. Many choose to do the hike in the other direction by starting at Memurubu after first taking the ferry there from Gjendesheim. The trip is estimated to take about 5 – 7 hours to walk.

From Besseggen there is a great views over lake Gjende and Bessvatnet. One of the unique aspects of the view is that Gjende lies almost 400 m lower than Bessvatnet, and while Bessvatnet has a blue color typical of other lakes, Gjende has a distinct green color.

The green color is the result from glacier runoff containing clay (rock flour). Looking down towards Memurubu one can see the nearby river Muru coloring the water with a light colored runoff.

It's a 30 minute drive into Jotunheimen national park from Beitostølen 




Bitihorn is a great peak on the border between Vang and Øystre Slidre municipalities. Enjoy the panoramic view towards Bygdin, Jotunheimen, and most of the northern region of Valdres. The top is perhaps one of the most visited viewpoints in Valdres. 

Getting there
Follow road 51 from Beitostølen for about 10 km in the direction of Bygdin to the Sami camp where you park at the left hand side. 5 minutes by car from Beitostølen.

From there, follow the T-marked path for about 1 km. After passing through a reindeer fence, the route up to the summit of Bitihorn turns left and uphill. (The T-marked path continues straight ahead to Yksendalsbu). The route to Bitihorn is clearly marked and not very challenging. However, it does get a little steeper near the top.

Photo: Julia Helgesen

Photo: Julia Helgesen




County Road 51 from Beitostølen - about 15 km to Bygdin - Parks at Saratoga Bygdin (NOK 30 - in the daily parking 2011). Past Hålimostølen and follow the path on the left side of the river. Synshorn alone is a short and easy walk - about 45 minutes up - follow the path marked DNT to the first ledge (800 m) - take the path up the right to the first peak (1464 m). Great ustikt west towards Bygdin and south to Bitihorn. Do you have time, so follow the ridge north to Heimre Fagerdalshøe (1510 m). 

Light and lovely area - let the route on the ridge above Rjupetjednet and Valdresflya. Follow - back further on the excellent path with great ustikt against Falketind - hold down the mountainside to the left until you hit the trail DNT. Follow the route to Bygdin through Heimre Fagerdalen - are you ready for a challenge to turn right before Heimre Fagerdalstjednet and climb on Mefjellet 1389 meters above sea level. 

Beautiful view - take the path down to Fagerdalen or add turn out to Kungsliknappen with a view to Bygdin - follow the trail over to Synshødn - the path where you started. Calculate 4.5 hours with breaks in the entire round, or share up as needed.

15 minutes by car from Beitostølen.





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Photo Morten Helgesen

Photo Morten Helgesen